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Since 2000, the Webheads inc. ability to have left-brain more systematic talents and more right-brain more creative talents function in harmony has produced the level of results, and client satisfaction, to allow the company to flourish on only referrals. And now, being more open-minded to the Webheads inc own expansion beyond referrals, some of our Frontal Cortex Marketing services will be available to all enterprising businesses within the United States.

We have the Heads for the Web

Back in 2000, as the Dot-com bubble bursted and service providers, especially website developers, still continued to offer only a one-sided perspective, the Webheads inc.  foward-thinking approach and two-sided brain abilities to perform helped the company thrive, for two decades, on only referrals.

With the advances in technologies since 2000,  just about anyone can slap together a website, do an email blast and set up a social media channel. However, most business owners trying DIY Internet technologies experience disappointing results because they do not have the time to properly choose and/or expertise to proficiently use Internet technologies, and Intregrated Marketing techniques, to their advantage.

Information & Insight

As proficient professionals, we don’t guess and certainly would not give you advice off the top of our heads.

A Comprehesive Assessment Team (CAT) evaluation collects the vital information and crucial insight necessary to provide an accurate appraisal of your current situation and present a performance valued course of action to acheiving your objectives.

  • Accurate Appraisal Of Current Situation

  • Performance Valued Course Of Action

Comprehesive Assessment Team (CAT) Evaluation

CAT Evaulation

With a holistic mindset that all marketing activities should be designed and integrated in such a way to be unified, consistent and seamless, and the utilization of advanced communications technologies a CAT Evaluation is typically delivered within 21-days.


Base Fee
Single Entity
United States Based
Off-Site CAT work product development

  • Integrated Marketing
  • Socially Responsible Marketing

  • Internal Marketing

  • Relationship Marketing
Research & Analysis
Idea Conception & Development
Strategic Planning & Execution
Message Development
Website Responsive Conversion
Digital Imaging & Productions
Graphic Design & Illustrations
Web Technologies Tool Box

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